Beacon of Hope

A Glasgow Official COP26 Legacy Project.

The Beacon of Hope by Steuart Padwick at Glasgow's Central Station is part of a gift from over 50 companies to Glasgow and South Lanarkshire.

Located on the main concourse, the Child of Hope is reaching out to all those passing through the station. Made from contoured layers of cross laminated sustainably grown Scottish Sitka Spruce, referencing the expanding timber construction industry that Scotland is developing.

Leading Scottish writers, poets and local children have created Words of Hope that are engraved onto it.

The team have collaborated with Mental Health Foundation Scotland to produce supportive mental health sign posting.

Click here to see a list of the Build Partners and Collaborators.

Councillor Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council said, “The Hope sculpture will serve as a rousing reminder that the climate emergency has to be addressed and that together we, as a society, can forge a greener, healthier future for all Glaswegians.”

Tomorrow is a wonderful vision you had today. It begins in contemplation and in courage, it meets the light of Glasgow past and present, and is somehow sharpened by it, joining with the vision of others to make a brand new way of seeing.

Andrew O'Hagan

Nigel Topping, UN High Level Climate Action Champion, COP26 said, “The monumental Hope sculpture is a powerful and much needed symbol of hope. It is a timely reminder that by taking better care of our environment we take better care of our own and our communities mental well-being.”

Dr Martin Valenti Director for NetZero at the South of Scotland Enterprise said “Hope mobilises, and fear paralyses and this amazing sculpture represents the hopes of every individual who aspires to solve the climate crisis. The people of Scotland invite you to share our hope and to be relentless in your pursuit of a safer greener and fairer planet.” 

Beacon of Hope Location

The 4.5m high Beacon of Hope is located at the city’s architecturally significant Glasgow Central Station.

A walking and cycling trail connects all 3 sculptures.