Steuart Padwick

Artist and Designer

Steuart Padwick

Steuart Padwick has designed several major public art installations in support of mental health. He is also a designer of furniture, lighting and products for domestic and contract spaces. Many of his designs have sculptural references.

Commenting on the Hope Sculptures, artist and designer Steuart Padwick said, “We all need to address this new global agenda so our young can embrace a future of hope. It is very simple, why would anyone want to poison their future?”

Hope Project Director

Natalie Alexopoulos

Natalie Alexopoulos has produced several major public art installations and films in support of mental health.  She has a creative marketing background, working with the likes of Apple and Tate Galleries

"The most remarkable thing about this project has been collaborating with these companies and individuals. Their integrity, drive and commitment to make a difference has been inspiring."