Hope Posts - AR Filter

Why not send a Hope Post using our Hope Sculpture AUGMENTED REALITY Filter for social media.

Available via ‘Stories’ on Instagram and Facebook

Select the filter to make a virtual Hope Sculpture appear on any horizontal surface in the view in front of you (using phone front camera) or take a selfie with the sculpture as it appears over your shoulder in the background!

Animating any scene, users can control the sculptures size, scaling it up from miniature to large scale.

Choose one of 10 colours to light the Child of Hope and to personalise the image with a message.  The Hope Posts have been put together with Mental Health Foundation.

Users are encouraged to add the hashtag #myhopesculpture

Take a photo or short video clip of the Hope Sculpture on its own, or with friends/family in view or switch cameras to use the selfie view.
Share immediately to Facebook and/or Instagram, don’t forget to tag in Hope Sculpture account and use #myhopesculpture
You can also save the image/video and share on other social media platforms